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Expert Steel Fabrication

Quality Shop Fabricated Steel Tanks and Vessels

Tampa Tank has an experience professional engineering team that makes it uniquely qualified to design, provide drawings, furnish material, fabricate, paint, galvanize and deliver a wide variety of shop fabricated steel tanks and vessels. 

Tampa Tank is fully certified in the design and fabrication of steel plate products under ASME Code Section VIII with “U”, “R” & “S” stamps and UL Standard 142 and welders certified to ASME Code Section IX, AISC, AWS 1.1 and AWS 1.5. 

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Hear from our Customers

“The Swing White/Green Liquor Tank project was completed successfully and four weeks ahead of schedule. Also, the project’s spending met budget, with all scope changes and issues being addresses well before erection began. TTI-FSS executed one of the most professional, quality projects I have witnessed in my eleven years in the pulp and paper industry.”


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When you choose Tampa Tank, you can trust that you are getting the best shop fabricated steel tanks and vessels available on the market.